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Desktop Virtualization for Education
Virtualization combined with education proves more promising and potent. This excellent strategy helps students and teachers to interact and learn at low cost and high performance. Blackbox desktop virtualization offers this cutting edge technology to students and teachers with many key benefits that inculcate the computing knowledge of the 21st century to the young minds. Blackbox virtual desktops play a vital role in providing simple and reliable virtual computing to many educational and academic organizations and schools. With their easy management and administration they meet the curriculum demands of the faculty and students ranging from K-12 to colleges, universities and technical schools. They reduce the strain of refreshing and updating of computer labs and training rooms and make the staff feel free and concentrate more on curriculum than technology. Some of the key benefits of Blackbox virtual desktops for schools and educational institutions include: -Minimizes the management and administrative workloads and support overhead by up to 70% thereby improving staff and students access to resources. -Central management of resources from the data center enables easy sharing and lessens the work of teachers as any query from one student can be answered from anywhere. -Improves flexibility for computer labs and training rooms with fast virtual access to any desktop or software configurations allowing rapid refresh of computer labs and resetting in just minutes rather than days it takes for normal desktop PCs. -Shared server hardware and virtualized OS can be refreshed from the data center that saves both refresh budgets and time from weeks to hours. -Convenient desktop roaming enables a user to sign off from one client workstation and have their session follow them to another workstation, providing complete flexibility and scalability in the workplace. -Enhances secured public access kiosks and workstations for offices, computer labs and libraries, avoiding malware threats, desktop corruption and equipment theft. -Low cost provision for an individual student desktops ensuring that course syllabus and adequate software is stored on centralized servers that is secured from malware, data loss or system theft. -Easy to install and deploy, secure and manage virtual desktops, (whether provisioning for 10 or 1000 seats) -Lowers the total cost of ownership, produces less e-waste and reduces the power consumption that takes for a normal PC. -Delivers rich multimedia including multiple simultaneous high quality video play to enhance a diverse way for learning and teaching. Integrating virtualization solutions with classrooms is a very innovative endeavor and an efficient strives in the computing history that enables the gain of knowledge and access to the web. Blackbox renders desktop virtualization to schools and educational institutions at cost effective and productive rates. Education is being asked to do more with less to increase access to the computing resources while lowering costs, reduce energy footprint, all within smaller budgets. With smaller budgets, hardware getting older, and IT administration reductions, make VDI the best move education organizations can make. But there are a lot of factors to consider when schools adopt the new technology. To select the right technologies and determine who is and is not a good candidate for VDI is decides whether the new venture is cost-effective or not.